I use urlcrazy as an OSINT tool for keeping up with when one of our vendors has a suspicious domain registration. Would like to run a list of domains through urlcrazy without having to re-type the command each time for each domain. As an example, would like to run>urlcrazy example.com -o results.txt -f CSV, but then run:
run>urlcrazy example1.com -o results.txt -f CSV
run>urlcrazy example2.com -o results.txt -f CSV (where results.txt continues to get appended with additional results rather than wiped-out)
run>urlcrazy example3.com -o results.txt -f CSV

As I iterate through my list of vendors. Anybody have thoughts on how to do this? I was thinking of piping the text list into the command without any luck. Maybe a bash script?

Thanks in advance for your ideas.