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Thread: Cubietruck built-in wireless module troubles

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    Cubietruck built-in wireless module troubles

    Good time of day everyone!

    I have Cubietruck (Cubieboard 3) with installed on SD-card Kali Linux (v. 1.1.1). Problem is that built-in wireless module don't recognized by system. I have already installed "linux-firmware" and added line in /etc/modules to load "bcmdhd" module on boot. But vainly Have googled almost whole internet, but nothing, every how-to says: "apt-get install linux-firmware && modprobe bcmdhd && ifconfig wlan0 up" and wooohooo - everything works. So, have anybody such trouble and can anybody help me with that?

    Wireless chip is BCM4329/BCM40181

    ifconfig output: is only eth0 and lo interfaces
    iwconfig output: empty
    dmesg output: no mention about bcmdhd or something like it

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    may be because you installed module inappropriate?

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