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Thread: Dual booting with Windows 8.1 - Set Kali as default boot OS

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    Dual booting with Windows 8.1 - Set Kali as default boot OS

    Im new to the forums but I'm having troubles with booting into kali after installing and dual booting windows 8.1. As i type this right now i am in kali, but the only way I can boot into kali is if I go through windows pe and I have like 4 choices lenovo recovery, SSHD (which is where kali is), UEFI USB, UEFI CD/DVD. I tried using easybcd and now I get a boot menu when turning on my computer that says Windows 8 or Lenovo Recovery. How can I fix this so I can have the choice to boot to kali when I very first turn my computer on? I installed GRUB and everything but no luck.

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    when you use EasyBCD you deleted Grub loader. from that point you can not simply install another Grub. You can only try some boot tools like Boot repair or Hiren's boot. to repair boot.
    If it is not successfully, then you need to install once again Kali but for UEFI system. Read post here how to do this.
    Before those steps you should first boot into the Windows and with EasyBCD repair boot.

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