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    AWUS052NH - wireless usb

    Before buying this card (note 052NH) there wasn't a lot of info on what this card could do on the forum, so I thought I'd leave a post for future Kali users shopping for a card. I have read that the 052NH was hyped for years and missed a ton of release deadlines, until some time late last year, they finally did release it.

    For me, it was PnP with Kali 1.1.0 persistent usb. I ordered from Rokland store, and it came with a 2-USB-to-1-mini Y-splitter, which you'll probably need to get close to the 1000mw the card is capable of. I was previously using the TP Link WN722N and have used an older (b/g) 036NHA for years.

    The 052NH has a RT3572 chipset, but seems to work fine. It picks up the same number of APs as the WN722N, but shows them at a stronger signal, which suggests that it would pickup more APs if I didn't live in dense residential area.

    The main benefit is that the 052NH is dual-band, which allows operation in 2.4 and 5 ghz channels on routers that support it. On a home test, it got much better data rates and speed serving up an mitm via arp spoofing. At around 30-40 feet from router/client, pages loaded smoothly with very little lag.

    I haven't had a chance to test clients on an evil AP with upstream yet, but I did fire it up to make sure it supported master mode with no problems.

    I have read that the 052NH works well with Reaver, but I've only tried it once against my Arris router with the t6 reaver, and it found the master pin, but couldn't associate to check and return the key.

    TL;DR: 052NH should be plug-n-play for kali users, a little pricey, is a little better than 722N in range, but supports greater power output and speed, making it a good option for mitm and fake ap attacks.
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