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Thread: Dual Monitor HDMI help

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    Dual Monitor HDMI help

    I have a laptop with an external HDMI monitor.. Its running a dual boot system Windows 8.1 and Kali. When i boot in either i can see my screen on both monitors. In windows i have it set to span, NOT mirror the display. I wanted to have the same set up on Kali, but by default it is mirroring, so each monitor shows the same screen. I went into the settings > displays, but even after clicking "detect displays" the settings only show one monitor. Is there an update or something i need.. is it even possible to detect a second HDMI monitor? would be nice for having so many terminal windows open at once... WHich brings up another question, doe kali have a way of auto tiling open windows or terminals?


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    Probably you must install your specific video card drivers.
    Check in vendor site/support if has Linux drivers version.

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