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Thread: Can't install package manager during installation.

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    Exclamation Can't install package manager during installation.

    Hey everyone, thanks for reading. So I got into Kali Linux not too long ago and started off by booting it from a USB...and after awhile that got annoying so I simply decided to install Kali to my actual machine on a new partition. Well, it was working great until I ran into some issues and didn't feel like taking the time to fix them; so I erased literally everything (including my previous windows OS which I wanted to reinstall anyway) and redid Win7 and Kali linux...Except when I tried to install Kali, I got this message down below:

    Link: okvbqxes3/FINAL.jpg

    I didn't know if this has ever happened to anyone and if so, how the heck can I fix it because I've spent about 5 days trying to fix this, and now I'm hear out of desperation. Thanks in advance PS: Also, if you need me to post my source file I can.

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    i can not find link of your error. pls provide new one or write error.

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