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Thread: Which version is better for VMware?

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    Question Which version is better for VMware?

    I am a newbie here and i am learning kali linux. I just want to know which version is better to use in virtual machines(VMware)? I have a 64bit laptop running windows 10 with 8gigs of RAM and core i5. I am confused to download the right image.

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    There is no best version of Kali, pick the architecture that you require and use that. If your CPU can virtualize x64 than I would go with that.

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    Else use the pre-made VM image:

    x64 = More than 3GB of RAM for the VM
    x86 / 32 bit PAE = If less than 3GB of RAM for the VM (recommend if you are unsure).

    Dont worry about the non PAE image at this stage.
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