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    Unhappy HELP! 2.0 and mounting additional HDD - Luks

    Hey guys.

    Im in need of some assistance. I know this will turn out to be something completely simple that i have missed, but hey ho.

    So, On my laptop i have 2 HDDs. The main 750GB running Ubuntu (Full disk encryption), and the second 150GB now running a fresh install of Kali (Full disk encryption)
    I can't seem to mount my ubuntu drive from within kali.

    On the previous kali, i was able to go into "Computer" Double click on the 750GB drive, enter the Passphrase and withing a few seconds there would pop up the Ubuntu drive for me to mount (again simple clicking).
    Now im on 2.0, and they have removed the "Computer" section. But on the left of the Files window, as you all can see Recent, Home, Documents..blah blah...List of volumes (For me there is 750GB, 256 MB, 537MB, then Computer. In this case Computer just takes you to the root of the kali drive, not listing your computer (like in Windows)

    If i select the 750GB then type in the, deffinatley correct, passphrase the drive then vanishes and i get the usual "Cannot mount" error. But in preivous Kali, the Ubuntu KVM drive would pop up. It isn't popping up.

    So i went and tried the "Disks" program. It lets me unlock the drive, but won't give me an option to mount the KVM partition.

    Then i decided to try manual, after completely forgetting all the commands and faffing about. Rebooting to check my ubuntu works (it does). this is what im left with...

    root@Sweethog:~# cryptsetup open /dev/sda3 Ubuntu
    Enter passphrase for /dev/sda3: 
    root@Sweethog:~# mount /dev/mapper/Ubuntu /mnt/Ubuntu
    mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'
    I mean, EH!!! Im running Kali 2.0 which is instaled with Full KVM2 encryption, and it cant read a Full KVM2 Encrypted drive???
    What am i missing guys?

    If i go into Ubuntu and try mounting Kali, it works. Every time, it works. But Kali can't read the Ubuntu drive?
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    [CENTER][B]Computer[/B]: ASUS A53E-K53E - [B]CPU[/B]: Core i5-2450M - [B]RAM[/B]: 8Gb Corsair Vengance 1866MHz[/CENTER]
    [CENTER][B]HDD1[/B]: 750Gb Momentus XT - [B]HDD2[/B]: 500Gb Hitatchi - Via ODD Conversion Tray[/CENTER]
    [CENTER][B]OS[/B]: Ubuntu 13.04 (750Gb) + Kali 64bit Gnome (500Gb) - [B]Wlan0[/B]: Intel 100 - iwlwifi - [B]Wlan1[/B]: Alfa AWUS036H - RTL8187L[/CENTER]

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