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Thread: Enable Persistent Storage on Kali Linux running ISO Directly from Hard Disk in Ubuntu

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    Lightbulb Enable Persistent Storage on Kali Linux running ISO Directly from Hard Disk in Ubuntu

    I followed a tutorial :

    The tutorial tells to keep the Kali ISO in the Folder on Ubuntu's partition, and do a Live Boot from those ISO's. The process is to make certain enteries in the GRUB.

    I was successfully able to boot Kali by keeping the ISO's in the Ubuntu partitions.

    I need to know, how to make persistent storage or utilize Ubuntu's partition to store files/output from Kali ?
    I'm unable to do so. As of now, while writing this post I'm using Kali 2.0

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    The web link that you linked to 404's, so Im not fully sure of your setup.
    Does this help you at all?

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    Sorry ... here is the URL
    Please see once again

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    I followed and got to the echo "/ union" > /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf

    And getting an error bash: gt: command not found
    bash: /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf: No such file or directory

    What is it supposed to do?

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    Ok I assumed that it was > and that worked. So I finished the commands and got to the restart part where you need to set the persistence label to work, but there is no such option there.

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