Firstly, I should probably point out that I'm using a panda external 300mbps wireless USB card for my internet on a Macbook Pro running Kali Linux via VirtualBox.

My issue is that once I've setup a USB filter so Kali Linux can see my card, when I actually put my router details in (SSID and password etc) in "Wireless" in the Kali internet settings I get mixed results.. but usually it comes back asking for a password.. when the password and details are definitely correct (I'm using them on my Macbook fine) The security type I normally use on my Mac for this connection is WPA2.. and because it was giving me grief I thought I'd try WEP for the **** of it and weirdly enough then I got the "Connection has been established" message.. In the browser though still no internet connection.

Now to the command line... when I do a airmon-ng it does seem to detect two interfaces (walnut and walnut) which seem to be identical but it says under chipset "software simulator of 802.11". Now I'm not sure if this is just Kali Linux detecting my internal card, the external card or both... or how to tell.
Really lost on this one. If anyone has any similar setup and would like to offer some advice please let me know I've been trying to do this FOREVER and can't find any help anywhere on the web.