I am a newbie in Kali and also in Linux itself.
But i have have an old Notebook which i would like to use for Kali.

This for i need a non-PAE version, so i tried few times to create one but it failed everytime.

I install Kali Linux in a Virtual Maschine and did everything like its written here:


At the end of the buildingprocess i've get the Error:
"unable to locate package linux-image-484"

And the README in live-build-config contains:

Some Debian bugs filed for issues encountered in Kali:
#684865: live-build: lb_binary_syslinux fails to include flavour in menu entry
#684891: live-build: add a config parameter to define the project name
#684893: live-build: fails to find bootloaders files when running from git checkout
#684896: live-build: loading of build.sh does not work as expected in various scripts

I tried it with Version 1.2 and 2.0 of Kali.
And of course I updated it before.

I really hope someone can help me ;(

Btw: Sorry for my bad englisch