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Thread: Bluetooth and Kali 2.0

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    Question Bluetooth and Kali 2.0

    First of all, let me start by saying what a fantastic job the team did with the Kali v2.0 release! It runs great and smoothly, not had any of the problems the others have mentioned, yet.

    With that out of the way, my question is what happened to the GUI bluetooth tool "Bluemaho"?

    It seems to have been removed. Does anyone know why? I don't need a GUI bluetooth attack manager, I am comfortable with CLI, I was just curious.



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    Did you ever determine where 'bluemaho' wandered off?
    I downloaded it to 2016.1 and it launches the GUI but
    several of the functions are producing error messages
    such 'Set BD Address', or the Play button. It displays
    lines of code and then for Play indicates "Pos value is
    invalid for present table with 0 rows'.



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