Hi I have been struggling to make Mana-Toolkit run successfuly on my Nexus 7 running Nethunter 2.0 the latest one. I have everything working with Nethunter however, the clients connecting to the Mana AP do not have internet access. Seems upstream is not working. I did change the upstream interface.

Any ideas what else needs to be checked. Also wlan0 interface for my upstream is active and I do get internet access on the Tablet so Network manager is not shutting it down when you run the start-full-nat.sh. The service NetworkManager stop comman gives you unrecognised service error.

Unfortunately there is very little community help around for Nethunter and Mana. Mana is working fine on the Kali Linux 2.0 Desktop version with no issues at all. Seriously hoping if somebody can help me out here.

Thanks Cybeh