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Thread: Dual boot Windows 10 & Kali 2.0

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    Hey there

    I had Kali 1.1 and windows 8 running on the same hard drive, but on different partitions. Initially Kali didn't work, but I managed to get it going. Now I wiped the partition and installed Kali 2.0 and as soon as I want to start running Kali from my Boot Menu, it gives me the grub rescue terminal. How can I fix this and add Kali to my MBR so that I can dual boot them?


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    I suppose that you try to install full version of Kali 2.0
    This distribution have a lot of problem with installation.
    My suggestion is to delete once again Kali partition and then install Kali Light version
    and update it to full version, because with light version everything goes smoothly.

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    Thank will try that!

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