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Thread: blank screen on Kali 2.0

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    blank screen on Kali 2.0

    I'm running Kali 2.0 on a IBM thinkpad G40 (stock), and upon upgrading, was presented with the GRUB screen to select Kali or recovery mode, after selecting kali, it goes to a black screen, no cursor, nothing, and the HDD light stops blinking.
    When I originally installed 1.1.0, everything worked fine, but after the upgrade, I now have no video. The backlight is still on, but it's a black screen. I've dealt with this on Ubuntu before, and read about adding nomodeset to the boot params, but this does nothing.

    If you need more info, or the results of commands, I'll gladly provide it.

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    Ok, I decided to reinstall Kali from DVD instead of doing an upgrade, and am now presented with a useless "something went wrong" screen after login. I don't see any error messages that actually tell me something. I'll likely just go back to 1.1.0, as it actually works.

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