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Thread: Dual boot Mac OS X - Kali problems

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    Exclamation Dual boot Mac OS X - Kali problems

    Hi everybody, I stuck in a problem with kali. I have a MacBookAir 2013 with os x 10.10.4. I have correctly installed kali on my ssd (i've used the guide on the official kali site) and refind found 2 devices: Mac os and Linux. Mac start without problems, but when I try to run Kali, the grub interface appear and after selecting Kali I stuck in a black screen with a little underscore at the top sx of the screen. I've tried everything, i've re-installed kali 5 times; I've reinstalled from the prompt the grub and update it etc, but nothing works. I can only start kali from the usb. At the end of the guide on the site, there's something to do with the command line of the live to run correctly kali on mac. It say:

    "We are now going to convert the Master Boot Record (MBR) to a hybrid, which will allow for Appleā€™s EFI to detect and boot using GRUB.
    Once complete, power off the device and remove any installation media when prompted."

    Here's another problem: my MBR is already a hybrid.
    (After this kali start once, but when I shut down the mac, and turn again on, i stuck in the black screen)

    Anyone can help me?

    PS: I don't have a ethernet-usb cable so during the installation i have to skip something. Sorry for bad english.

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    I have a Kali Linux 1.1.0a distro on Macbook my air 2012 ( os x 10.10.3). Which Kali Linux version do you want to install ? I always recommend to use Kali Linux on Vmware. DON'T try to make a dual boot on Macbook's it's sometimes hard to install. On my Macbook air the injection on my build in wifi is not working but I can turn monitor mode on.

    What I really mean is, if you successfully installed Kali on your Macbook, you will definitely have other problems for example "update slow", "wifi not working", "Main system slow" .... I spend a lot of time to fix a lot of problems. This took me 2 month.

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    Hey mattydomi, I recommend not dual booting on a mac, Instead get virtualbox and install the virtual machine with iso as I had no problems with it.

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