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Thread: Monitor mode, error getting flags - Nexus 4

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    Exclamation Monitor mode, error getting flags - Nexus 4

    First of all, i am using a TL-WN821N wireless card (Which is said to be supported here: I have tested the wireless card in my laptop, and it is capable of monitor mode, and i have checked my powered otg y cable and it appears to be working fine. I have run a "iwconfig" command to see if the device is mounted and it appears it is:

    It seems that the device is mounted, the wireless card appears to be on "wlan1". I then execute "airmon-ng start wlan1". It says that monitor mode is enable on "mon0", but there was an error "ERROR while getting interface flags: no such device". I then execute "airodump-ng mon0", But get the error no such device. I have tried re-installing, but nothing seems to work.

    Does any one have any suggestions?

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    kill wpa_supplicant

    Hi Stephen,

    Try killing the processes that could cause trouble, before switching to monitoring mode:

    airmon-ng check /this should show the problematic processes and their PIDs
    kill (insert PID here) /check if it's gone, just to be sure
    airmon-ng start wlan1 /switch to monitoring mode

    This is the only way it works for me properly.

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