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Thread: Setting up rogueAPs that can provide internet access with Kali2.0

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    Setting up rogueAPs that can provide internet access with Kali2.0

    First Steps:

    RogueAPs that provide internet access require two(2) devices. One(1) device supports the rogueAP thru airbase-ng and another device either wireless or wired provides internet access.

    Airbase-ng requires airmon-ng to make a monitor. Under the current kali solution you must run airmon-ng check kill - BUT this destroys the ability to provide internet access on all devices so nukeing the system is not the solution.

    Musket Teams have been running tests to find a method to setup a rogueAP that can provide internet access when using kali2.0. The problem as stated above is that the kali published solutions destroy the ability to connect to the internet. Secondly the Wifi drop down manager is full of errors. Only use it to show the status of the wifi device providing an internet connection and even then it is many times inaccurate.

    The following work around allows airbase-ng,wash,reaver and airodump-ng to function on one(1) wifi device while a second wifi device is active on the internet. In these tests we downloaded files on one(1) device while running reaver on a second device. We also tested airbase-ng, wash and airodump-ng. All ran fine. We have also testing the older version of airmon-ng but these tests are ongoing.

    To selectively control your device do the following:

    1. Establish a internet connection on one(1) wifi device.
    2. On a second wifi device run the following commands.

    airmon-ng start wlan1
    ifconfig wlan1mon down
    iwconfig wlan1mon mode monitor
    ifconfig wlan1mon up

    Now type any aircrack-ng , reaver wash etc commands against wlan1mon.

    To get linset aerial or Pwnstar functioning under kali2.0 will still require substantial rewrite but at least we now have a method to run a rogueAP and provide internet access at the same time. Why we are even having to deal with this type of a problem leaves us wondering. This is kali2.0.

    Those wishing to duplicate these finding do these tests right after a reboot.

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