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Thread: How to uninstall/install a dual boot Windows/Kali2.0

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    How to uninstall/install a dual boot Windows/Kali2.0

    Musket Teams use XP therefore the steps here especially with the Mangement Boot Record(MBR) will have to be altered if you are using Windows 8 or 10.

    Tools MTeams Used

    Live install of Kali2.0 on a Usb

    Acronis Disk Director(torrent this)


    Download at

    MbrFix.exe is made for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows PE. Both 32-bit and 64-bit x64 editions are supported

    If your computer has no other Operating Systems except Windows, run up Acronis Disk Director Suite and make your Hard Drive smaller by 30 gigs. Use the resize feature. When finished you should have 30 gigs of unallocated space. Leave it unallocated.

    If you already have a Windows/Linux dual boot system setup, you first must restore the MBR back to Windows only. (Do not try and uninstall linux.). There are several ways to restore the MBR. We will only cover XP using MBrfix.exe. For other Windows Operating Systems(OS) up to Windows 7 refer to the support page at:

    Note if you are using Windows 8 or 10 you will have to research restoring the MBR yourself.

    How to restore the MBR

    Copy MbrFix.exe to the root of C:\

    Go to run and type cmd.exe [Enter] and a black screen will appear.

    (If using Windows 7 you may have to activate the run feature.)

    If you are not in C:\ type cd c:\ [Enter]

    Next type:

    C:\> MbrFix /drive 0 fixmbr /yes [Enter]

    Your MBR is now restored. However refer to the support page for the required command. This is just what MTeams use for XP.

    Now reboot your computer and the Linux dualboot GRUB should be gone and Windows should run.

    Run up Acronis Disk Director Suite and delete the linux partition and the Linux swap. Leave all your windows partitions alone. The delete feature will leave the space unallocated and essentially removes Linux from the system.

    Shutdown Windows, plug in the live install of kali2.0. When the Kali-linux main screen appears scroll down to graphical install, select it and sit back.

    When asked to setup wifi etc you can skip the feature if it does not work.

    When asked where to place the OS - Of importance is to use the largest unallocated space and load all files into one partition. Linux will then load all the files into the unallocated space on the hard drive and not corrupt the Windows OS.

    When ask to use a mirror select no if you do not understand this feature.

    When asked where to place grub - place it on the hard drive not the usb flash drive.

    In short once you run thru this a few times you can have Linux reinstalled in less than an hour. All our XP/Linux dual boot run well. If you make a mistake down the line you can have your favorite Linux back up in no time living happily side by side with Windows.

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