I set up persistence mode on my USB pen drive with Kali 2.0. I am able to save to my USB drive. (SWEET!!)

When I re-boot, I am not given a prompt to log in as a user or enter root password. Boots straight to GUI as root.

Was prompted for root password prior to persistence mode.

Could this be a persistence.conf issue? I wasn't able to find the .conf, but probably I am not understanding it's purpose.

I think I screwed myself not sure how. I also...... Please see below.

I did add a user named user to the sudo group and assigned password. Maybe a user named user was a bad thing? I also changed the root password.

Will try removing the user user...Not sure why I named it that. Sounded good at the time.

I understand this is probably a basic Linux issue, but appreciate you reading to this point.

Thanks in advance.