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Thread: How To Uninstall Kali Linux From 'Partially' Dual-Booted Windows 8.1

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    How To Uninstall Kali Linux From 'Partially' Dual-Booted Windows 8.1

    I have tried to dual boot my windows 8.1 with the newest version of kali linux, but I had to do it in fantasy mode (EFI). When that happened, the bootloader took over the windows bootloader and the dual boot didn't work. I have searched around but couldn't find anything so I stopped looking into it. Now that summer is about over, I need the windows partition to work for school. When I try to boot into UEFI mode, it didn't load the windows partition correctly. The recovery mode won't work because I lost the cd, so I am officially stuck... I would like to just uninstall kali and then install it back onto vmware like i had it. The windows partition is still there and everything inside is fine, I just need to get it to load so I can refresh (or factory reset) the computer.

    Screenshot from 2015-07-13 21:20:15.jpg

    Screenshot from 2015-07-13 21:20:59.jpg

    Screenshot from 2015-07-13 21:33:47.jpg

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    MTeams has only done this up to Windows 7. If your kali-grub is functioning you simply need to restore your MBR (management boot record) in Windows. Windows will then boot. Then delete(not erase) the kali partitions to include kali swap. We use Acronis Disk Director. You will then have unallocated space on your harddisk. You can then easily reinstall kali.
    See if you can find thru google a method to restore your MBR.


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    Try first with this command from Kali
    an look if it show Windows entry. Try to boot into Windows
    If it is not helpful then try with
    make boot usb and ty to fix it. In this case you will need internet connection

    if it is not helpful again try with one of this tool
    or Hiren's Boot cd

    When you boot into Windows once just delete Kali partition from there. This space you can add latter to your Windows partition. To delete Grub loader from mbr use

    P.S. those tools I used lot of times
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