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Thread: USB encrypted persistence very slow

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    USB encrypted persistence very slow

    Hardware that I used a 16GB SanDisk flash drive: i7 4790, 20+ Gb ram, Asus maximus 7 MB, etc.

    When running the live version of kali on the flash drive, everything runs very smoothly and quickly.

    However, after successfully running the encrypted persistence on the same USB flash drive, everything becomes much slower, as in opening a terminal would take 2-3 seconds, and opening a browser would take more than 5 seconds.

    Any ways I could speed things up, I would think once the volume is decrypted and mounted, speed should not be an issue, but it's not the case. I used the docs on kali for all the steps.

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    Unfortunately, in my experience with 2.0, this is just the way it is when using an encrypted USB 2.0. I tried an encrypted USB with my USB 3.0 stick and it's significantly faster. If you're not interested in either installing to HDD/SSD or using a VM, getting a USB 3.0 stick is your best bet.

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    I am actually using a USB 3.0 drive.

    I have a vm that runs insanely fast on the same PC.

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    How did you solve the speed problem?

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