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Thread: Kali 2.0 Running Very Slow graphically

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    Unhappy Kali 2.0 Running Very Slow graphically

    The new Gnome that comes with Kali 2.0 seems to be making my Kali very slow to operate. The videos which I watch lag considerably. I never had problems with earlier version of Kali. My graphic card is very old (about 6 years old), so it isn't surprising that I am facing problems with it. But everything used to run fine with Kali 1.1 version. I was wondering if there's a way to use Kali 2.0 with the same desktop manager as there is in Kali 1.1. Is there a way?

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    Kali 2 uses GNOME 3.10 (Debian 8)
    Kali 1 used GNOME 3.04 (Debian 7)
    GNOME 3.10 requires more system resources (min is 768MB RAM - recommended 2GB+).

    If your hardware cannot handle it - switch to XFCE4.
    You can download it your self via apt-get install xfce4 or download kali-light ISO.

    I personally use XFCE4. Others will say about switching to things like MATE / Cinnamon.
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    I checked out XFCE4. It looks great. I would love to install it. Please help me install it.

    When I run apt-get install xfce4, I get E: Package 'xfce4' has no installation candidate. What should I do now?

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    I fixed my sources.list file and apt-get install xfce4 worked, now my kali is running smooth. Thank You!

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    I started a separate post about this as I didn't initially find it under searched here. It did come up on Google though.

    It seems apt-get install xfce4

    Does improve performance but it's still not as solid as Kali 1.X was ...

    I'm running Quad 2.X with 4 Gigs of Ram - My computer is not 4 years old and while it isn't i5 or better qith a quad processor it should be able to handle the load. It also has a 1GB graphics card. Not a premium computer but should be more than sufficient for any Linux Distro.

    Maybe this should be moved to bugs section and looked into ?

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