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Thread: Issue with partitions and GRUB

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    Issue with partitions and GRUB


    I've been trying to get a dual-boot of Kali och Windows 7 to work for almost a year now, but I never seem to succeed, even after countless of tutorials.

    One of the biggest questions I have is regarding the partitions, okay so this is how it is supposed to look according to all the tutorials I am reading:

    But this what I keep getting (note that I haven't done ANY tempering with the partitions):

    WHY AM I GETTING THIS? I am in dire need of Kali for some upcoming CISCO-labs I have at school but I can never get this to work.

    But anyways, i just tried to ignore it and presume that sd3 is the Windows partition. I freed up 100 GB for my Kali installation, everything goes smoothly, no errors during installation, I install GRUB to /dev/sda (standard), but when I restart, no GRUB-loader appears and windows starts instead.

    What am I doing wrong? Or is it something wrong with my partitions?

    I would be most grateful for any help presented.

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    as I sow you have EFI system.
    First I am thinking that you must to turn off windows fast boot (read about it how to do this)
    then examine if you have grub on start up
    If it not successful try with this tool

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