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Thread: How to EFI install Kali Linux

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    Just wanted to say thank you because after reading the first post in this thread (with updated URL to download both BOOTX64.efi and grubx64.efi) I have managed to boot Kali linux on my iMac early 2009 without using rEFInd. This page also shows how you can enable persistence on a separate partition.

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    Just a quick question: Why doesn't a well-known distro like Kali have a ready-to-use EFI boot iso ? (for USB sticks)
    AFAIK, UEFI firmwares have now been integrated in all new PCs for years now.
    Just like offering 32-bit AND 64-bit downloads, why can't they offer a MBR AND GPT(using EFI) downloads ?


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    @ mguignes .... I raise the same question, because I too am hit with the same frustration as many others. Kali 1.x installed to USB many times and would boot and run just fine for me. Last week though I bricked my last production version trying to upgrade headers, etc.., so I opted to again try and install kali v2.x onto a USB, only to be reminded that I can't boot from it. This is what had held me back from exploring that Kali 2.x AMD64 (exact ISO name not handy) in-depth the first time around. Running 'Live' was too cumbersome on a daily basis. .. Side: To kill my bordome I installed SUSE 12 onto a 16gb USB last night and am exploring that right now.
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    thanks for the guide

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    Hey everyone. I have tried everything that I could find in this thread and other sources:

    +I made the ISO version of the USB and then extracted the EFI img and placed on the USB root folder
    +I injected the Fedora 18 EFI files
    +I Did DD through a Linux Box

    In the end it all says "Invalid Signature... Secure Boot Settings" Red Screen on the boot through BIOS.
    So- the best I can come up with is signing the kali boot loader with my own cert. A project for another day.
    or ARE is the Kali boot loader signed?
    Did I miss a solution?

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
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  7. what do you mean by persistent partition?

    Quote Originally Posted by bofh28 View Post
    No /EFI/Boot is NOT on the persistent partition.
    What is a persistent partition? (I know what a partition is)

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