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Thread: [Customising] Kali 2.x + XFCE 4 Window Manager + axiomd Theme

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    Lightbulb [Customising] Kali 2.x + XFCE 4 Window Manager + axiomd Theme

    This has been tried & tested on Kali 2.0 (x86 & x64 - Full & Light).
    ...Other variations of Kali may not work out of the box.

    For Kali 1 users, see this script.

    Quick / TL;DR
    Open a terminal window and paste in the following command (this will pull the rest of commands, and automatically run them):
    curl -s | tr -d '\15\32' | bash

    Comparison (GNOME vs XFCE)
    On the left is GNOME 3.10, the right XFCE 4.10.

    Other XFCE4 Screenshots

    What is XFCE4?
    It's a Window Manager/Desktop Environment.
    By default, Kali 2.0 and Kali mini (x86 & x64 builds) use GNOME 3.10. This will install XFCE4, allowing you to switch between them each time you login to Kali.
    Please note, Kali Light and Kali ARM already use XFCE4 - just without the 'axiomd theme' or any configurations.
    If you don't like XFCE, you can switch back to GNOME next time you login.

    How do I start XFCE?
    On the login screen, when you type in your password there is a settings button (as seen in the screenshot below) allowing you to select which desktop environment to use for that session.

    If you wish to change the default, run the following command:
    echo xfce4-session > /root/.xsession

    Why switch to XFCE4? What's wrong with GNOME?
    There's lots of reasons for and against them both. I'm not going to get into it here.
    This is here purely if you wish to use my personal take/build/customisations of Kali using XFCE4.

    What other tweaks can I do with my Kali install afterwards?

    Like this sort of stuff? Want more?

    Any off topic replies will be deleted.
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