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Thread: Please install lsusb from distro

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    Please install lsusb from distro

    Hi I'm new with Kali Linux. Everything is going good except when I run airmon-ng start wlan0 i get. Please install lsusb from distro package manager. I have tried apt get usbutils but the machine I'm running on doesn't have an active Internet connection.
    So my question is.. How can I install this without an internet connection? I'm running Kali 2 64 live USB. Is there a way to download this and somehow add it to my USB? Any help is definitely appreciated.
    PS. I have looked all over for this info with no luck.

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    usually: " apt-get install usbutils && airmon-ng' does the trick. try this: apt-cache search lsusb. it should locate it.

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