My laptop (Dell Lat. E7440) has 2 mSATA hard drives and a SD card slot (w/ 64GB SD Card). I can boot kali 2.0 live from the SD card just fine however I would like to install the full version of Kali 2.0 to the SD card and not modify the boot record. My goal here is to have a full version encrypted Kali 2.0 that I am able to boot to if I hit F12 to interrupt windows boot manager and choose to boot from the SD card. This would also allow my laptop to boot windows 8.1 normally, if I do not interrupt the bios boot screen.

I have tried booting from USB to do the install to the SD card but the install does not see the SD Card slot. Is this a driver issue or is this just not an option?

I hope I have provided enough information for this and you understand what I am trying to accomplish here.

Thank you guys in advance.