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Thread: Kali Linux Installer Not Recognizing External Hard Drive?

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    Question Kali Linux Installer Not Recognizing External Hard Drive?

    Hi All -

    I'm on a Macbook and my external HD is a Seagate 1TB Backup Plus, and I want to install Kali Linux on the external hard drive.

    I've tried the following:

    • rebooting with the Kali Linux ISO on a USB drive + external hard drive connected to my laptop. I can get all the way to the "Detect Disks" and "Partition" step of the Graphical Installer, but when I get there it only seems to detect my USB drive and my Mac Internal HD.
    • I've tried formatting my external HDD into various formats (free space / no format, ExFat, Fat32, Mac) but neither option seems to get the Installer to detect it as an available disk.
    • I even tried turning my external HDD into a fake live USB and then trying to install it to itself. I can get it to boot up and get the live usb to work, which means that something is detecting SOMETHING, but it won't detect itself as an available disk when I run through the Install process. My actual Live USB drive always detected itself and labeled itself as a possible disk for installation.

    Running the fdisk -l command doesn't show the external hard drive at all no matter which situation listed above I'm in.

    All the other threads I've found focus on turning external hard drives into live USB versions of Kali Linux, find a solution involving Windows, or discovered that they needed to mount their drive.

    I've also checked the /r/kalilinux threads on Reddit, but the users either seem to want to turn their external HDD into a live USB with persistence or have an even worse issue of it not even getting to the Installer at all

    Is there something I'm completely missing? I feel kind of embarrassed that I can't even get Kali Linux to install! Thanks in advance - any help is much appreciated!

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    Im having the same issue. Its seems that i remember that other linux installers have no trouble recognizing my usb external drive /dev/sdb. It seems to me that the installer is short of options for manually partitioning and formatting drives.

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