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Thread: Kali linux is not booting after installing nvidia drivers

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    Kali linux is not booting after installing nvidia drivers


    I am using Dell XPS 15 - L502x model laptop with Core i7, 8GB RAM and nVidia GeForce GT 540M Graphic Card.

    I have installed Kali Linux 2.0 and Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (Dual boot).

    After installing nVidia drivers as shown in below link, Kali Linux is not booting.

    I am getting the error message as shown in attached picture. Kindly help me to fix this issue.


    Vidya Sagar

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    yah i got same problem with nvidia driver ... by the some reason no one dont give a sheet tryed ask in irc just ignored probably popular Question

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    @vidyasagar, you've probably installed the Debian driver modules along with the Nvidia kernel, which is the only one you need.
    Try booting into recovery and removing nvidia-driver and nvidia-cuda-mps, if you have them installed. Take a look at this post also to see if it helps:

    @OsBinHD, there are lots of people who gives a *** here, including mutt, one of the creators of backtrack and kali. The answers I found to 90% of the problems I have with Kali comes from this forum. As it happens with almost all open-source software, you're your own support, so I believe that if you do a little search and correlate stuff you'll find your way out.
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