This is the image I have downloaded:

SHA1 sum seems OK:

a99ab6d487287f63931817db81eed70497e115c7 *kali-2.0-utilite.img.xz
These are the steps I have performed (from the Utilite to the SD Card):

$ xz -d kali-2.0-utilite.img.xz
# dcfldd if=kali-2.0-utilite.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512k
# poweroff
Then I manually press the power on button, but the device starts to the pre-built Ubuntu Linux 12.04 on SSD internal disk, instead of booting to Kali v2.0.

Tested with 2 different sd cards: 32GB and 8GB.
The 32GB card with Kali v1.0.9.
The Utilite Pro device booted fine with Kali v1.1.0

What else could I check?