I've installed Nethunter 2.0 onto a Nexus 6 running Windows through VMWare on Mac. The good news is, it was successful. The Nexus 6 is running Nethunter smoothly. However, the issue I run into is this:

During the installation process under VMware... Whenever the Nexus 6 reboots, I'm asked whether I want it connect to the Mac or the VM/Windows machine. I select Windows, and NRT continues its work on the Nethunter install... All good there. However, on the last step, once it finally flashes Nethunter/Kali and reboots. Windows is unable to confirm that the installation was successful. And I'm no longer asked whether I want the Nexus to connect to the Mac or the VW/Windows machine. The Nexus now seems to automatically default to the Mac, so it's unable to confirm that the install worked via windows. Instead, It will only launch the Android File Transfer app. I've tried disabling that app. Uninstalling it. But nothing seems to work. VM will no "see" the Nexus 6 as a device. So, although the Nexus is up and running with Nethunter, I can longer connect the device to the VM/Windows machine in order to use NRT for updates, backups, unroot etc.

Anyone else have this issue?