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Thread: Kali Linux and Windows 10 Dual Boot Problems

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    Kali Linux and Windows 10 Dual Boot Problems

    Ok so to practically start from scratch and give you all as much detail as I can remember:

    I have windows 10 installed first, it is my default OS. I go to install Kali Linux (No Internet Connecting). Everything says it installs fine even with GRUB. The only problems it runs into is if it ask to connect to internet (A Mirror) and I click no because linux doesn't recognize my network card. Anyway I go to reboot after everything installs fine and GRUB doesn't appear, it just loads directly to Windows. I looked at the boot section and only my two hard drives show up for booting. (When I take the USB out I installed Kali with.) So now I am completely lost and do not know what to do. I have tried Boot Repair Disk, and it won't work since I am not connected to the entire. Currently where I am at I can not connect to ethernet, only WI-Fi. I am lost as of right now. Thank you for all your help in future reference. And sorry if I seem like I have no clue.

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    Could you please post your HW config?

    Also, have you tried to reinstall grub? Try


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