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    MTeams did a series of tests with Datahost. If you use linux to download the files as posted, the normal zip file is received. If however you download thru XP OR possibly other windows based systems datahost loads a small .exe files in zip format instead.

    We have seen this thru other filehosting sites.

    Until MTeams can move their files to alternative locations suggest downloading thru linux only.

    Included in the VMR-MDK package

    1. mdk3-v6 folder
    2. configfiledetailed for reference only
    3. Help Files

    For Kali 1.10a

    Loaded 10 March 2016
    Download VMR-MDK011x8 package at:

    For kali 2.0 and 2016.1R

    You can download package at

    Loaded 10 March 2016

    Added 6 July 2017

    Musket Teams have released VMR-MDK-K2-2017R-012x2 for Kali 2,2016,2017 and all versions of reaver

    The aireplay-ng fake auth has been made regenerative.
    Several bugs have been corrected, some thanks to dmatrix.
    Comments requested by kcdtv have been added.
    Script tested in both persistent usb installs and harddrive installs for reaver 1.52 and 1.53 and kali 2016 and 2017 using i386.
    Expect the mac changing routines to be slowed. This is to support wifi receivers at the end of five(5) meter extension cables which is the max length allowed.

    We do not support VM Ware and amd or persistent usb installs using luks encryption as we cannot test.

    You can download at:


    Added 12 Jan 2018 package has been posted for community use.

    Supports kali-linux 2.0 thru 2017.3

    Supports text output from reaver v1.52 and v1.63 for pixiewps

    A new PDDSA for reaver v1.63 is found within the package along with the older version

    You can download at:

    Select from versions available

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