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Thread: Guide:- Install any version of NVIDIA drivers on KALI SANA 2.0 (Solved)

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    Guide:- Install any version of NVIDIA drivers on KALI SANA 2.0 (Solved)

    This is the guide by which I was able to install NVIDIA drivers on KALI Linux SANA 2.0 after struggling for almost a month and trying almost every available guides online which are only for upto Kali Linux 1.1 and results in unbootable device. The drivers are necessary for 16:9 resolution for me as the nouveau provided resiolution was **** and making me run away from Kali, but I was determined this time and hence was able to install the drivers.
    Have to flash the kali iso atleast 40 times to make it work..
    Am using a USB drive for Kali 2.0 of 32 GB and a guide will folow for "How to make Kali Sana with 4 partitions and a Windows readable FAT32 partion on Windows 7-10 itself without using Linux or Gparted".

    So as I mentioned I have 4 partititons on USB pen drive and please do check what your partitions consist of by fdisk -l.
    Am not using any numbers for steps as to make it a copy-paste guide so please consider every other line not starting from # as a step and a command in terminal.
    This guide is for fresh install as well as a working installation of Kali Sana with persistence.

    Kali Linux with persistence if its a USB Drive.

    # Boot up your PC from USB Drive.
    # In Boot menu of kali choose Kali with persistence or encrypted persistence as your installation is and press Tab on keyboard, give a space and type:-


    # Let the PC boot up
    # Open a terminal and check your NVIDIA chipset:-


    # Resulting in VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation ******** where stars are your model number.
    # Open Iceweasel and Google to Download appropriate Linux drvers for your NVIDIA GPU or from:-

    # Copy-paste the driver file to root of your system and remane it as or anything, I ain't did that but it helps when you have not to type a very long name in TTY. Got the idea?
    # Now change permission for the file:-

    chmod +x /root/

    # Open terminal

    apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)

    # when everything is installed just do this. If its a new installation it might bring no results and would just say nothing to remove. The peeps who have a working installation and did a apt-get install nvidia-kernel-dkms should do:-

    apt-get remove nvidia-kernel-dkms (optional for peoples who did apt-get install nvidia-kernel-dkms.)

    apt-get remove nvidia-* --purge
    apt-get remove nvidia* --purge

    # Now open TTY by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1
    # Login with root and toor for USB installs or whatever your login and password is.

    service gdm3 stop

    ls /root

    # it will give you the output of contents of /root

    ./ -a

    # The driver installation should start now:-
    # Whatever it asks you just accept or ok or agree to it by choosing with arrows and pressing enter on keyboard.
    # It will ask you for installation or making changes to
    xconfig - accept it.
    # When everthing is done and notification pops up that the installation is done enter ok.
    # The TTY screen will pop up:-

    service gdm3 start

    # And voila you are into your 16:9 resolution display, CONGRATULATIONS..

    # Now pop a terminal and type:-


    # *** you have a NVIDIA settings panel too.
    #Do Mirror the Screens if you have more than 1.
    #Now we have to remove nouveau drivers or stop nouveau from loading in next boot otherwise it will be a bootloop on next boot:-
    # make a file with name:-


    # Copy paste these lines in the file:-

    blacklist nouveau
    options nouveau modeset=0
    options nouveau.modeset=0

    # Now just do:-

    apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

    # Hope I covered it thoroughly but as am a Linux noob please use your brains and point out any mistake in the guide prior to or after using it.

    DISCLAIMER:- Am not responsible for any broken pen drives or eathquakes or hurricanes or shattered lives due to the guide.
    # Please bud me to teach me few basics of Kali Linux if you have a bit of spare time.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ENJOY!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

    If it helps you please rate the thread.
    The people who have a 32 GB or 64 GB pen drives and want to have a windows readable 10, 15, 20 GB space with kali on it must wait a Day as of now I am short on time to write the guide.
    Last edited by sihag; 2015-09-12 at 07:32. Reason: Text Size, Forgot to quiet Nouveau resulting in bootloop on next boot.

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