it took me about 3 days for different commands in the terminal and changing settings in Virtual Box to finally get my card working, iwconfig showed no wireless card, I was able to set a bridge connectection to the adapter in Virtual box under network settings and then added the filter for the Wireless card, Now it shows wlan0 etc , but when i do things like ifconfig wlan0 down or up terminal just takes the command and doesn't execute, makes the line end and leaves my cursor blinking, at this point there is no #root~# to submit another command and when i put it commands they just stay there and the line breaks, I have been struggling so much to get this working, I have to close terminal and restart, all the other commands work fine, has anyone ran into this? airmon-ng and other WiFi related commands dont help me, same problem and turn off the hard wired setting and see the WiFi option to set up, i thought it would be plug and play, I havent even set up the card on my pc