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Thread: Changing Greenbone Security Assistant (GSA) default listening address not working

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    Changing Greenbone Security Assistant (GSA) default listening address not working

    The config options for greenbone security assistant are kept in /etc/default/greenbone-security-assistant. Be default, the listening address for greenbone-security-assistant is which means you can't connect to GSA from a remote web browser. The way to fix this is to change the GSA_ADDRESS parameter in /etc/default/greenbone-security-assistant to although even after changing it, and restarting the greenbone-security-assistant service, the service still listens only on I have even tried overriding /etc/init.d/greenbone-security-assistant and the gsad executable still only listens on The only way I have found to correctly override the default listening address is to manually start gsad like this:"nohup /usr/sbin/gsad --foreground --listen= --port=9392 --mlisten= --mport=9390 &". What I can't figure out is why isn't /etc/defaults/greenbone-security-assistant being read correctly and why doesn't changing the default options in /etc/init.d/greenbone-security-assistant work for overriding the default address either. Clearly I am missing something.

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    I've just hit this, fairly sure it is trying to use systemd to restart greenbone-security-assistant, when I was expecting it to run /etc/init.d/greenbone-security-assistant

    Now I'll have to reread the systemd documentation, somehow it never sticks, system VR3 start-up was so much more reliable.
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    vi /lib/systemd/system/greenbone-security-assistant.service

    Found the offending IP address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimonW View Post

    vi /lib/systemd/system/greenbone-security-assistant.service

    Found the offending IP address.
    That's the one. Thanks SimonW

    root@tiger:/# ps aux | grep 9392 | grep -v grep
    root 9748 0.0 4.6 457480 46212 ? SLsl 19:02 0:00 /usr/sbin/gsad --foreground --listen= --port=9392 --mlisten= --mport=9390
    root 9750 0.0 0.3 170748 3404 ? Sl 19:02 0:00 /usr/sbin/gsad --foreground --listen= --port=9392 --mlisten= --mport=9390

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