some days ago i regained an old ASUS eee pc 901. Because of its long battery life and its intern ssd i thought installing Kali Linux would be a nice idea to have a portable test equipment.
The Netbook has a 4GB SSD and a 8.1GB SSD. Because of the limited space i decided to use Kali Linux Encrypted Disk Install which needs a minimum of 8GB space. But i cant manage to install Kali Linux. I tried different modes.
I also used the 4GB SSD as /swap but it always stops working while installing os.

I used Kali Linux 2.0 32 bit.
I checked the sha1.

The error i get is:
main-menu[923]: (process:18211): tar: write error: No space left on device

My question would be:
Is there a possibility to install Kali Linux 2.0 (not light version) on this Netbook?
Is it maybe possible to use both partitions?

Im thanking you in anticipation.