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Thread: Installing MIMTf - SSLslip+ for advanced MITM Attacks

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    Installing MIMTf - SSLslip+ for advanced MITM Attacks

    Want to try and defeat https during a MITM attack with kali2.0?

    MITMf contains sslslip+ and can parse some https requests.

    !!!!If you want to install DO NOT ENTER!!!

    apt-get install mitmf

    You will install a version BUT it will not work

    Go here instead!!!!!

    Read it BUT use this address

    git clone

    cd MITMf

    chmod 777


    Now load these dependencies

    apt-get install python-pypcap
    pip2 install watchdog
    pip2 install dsnlib

    This program can work very well with PwnStar9.0(PS9) very well indeed.
    If you diable apache2 during PS9 initialization and provide internet access then run

    MITMf# ./ -i at0 -l 53 --spoof --hsts --arp --dns --gateway --target


    at0 is the tap interface made by airbase-ng

    Gateway here is the Gateway the device connected to the internet is using


    cat /etc/resolv.conf will give you the DNS


    assigned by PS9 to at0 during setup

    We are embedding this module into Pwnstar9.0. This newer version will have a captive portal https passthu Our own andoid phones connected to the rogue and started pumping all their data thru mitmf.


    PS Sorry about the title should be MITMf

    our mistake!!!
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