Hi, I'm trying to implement PwnSTAR 9.0 (MTeams version) with a function that is proper of Linset.

I'm talking about the function to automatically open a browser-page (in particular, the fake Router firmware error, asking for WPA password) when you connect to Fake-AP.
I found, studying Linset code, that it's made by Jquery Mobile. So, everytime you connect to the fake AP, from a mobile (Android), automatically the HTTP fake web page is opened.
This is what happens on Linset.

I want to ask you, due to the fact that I know very few things about Jquery, to help me to implement PwnSTAR with this functionality.
What I'm projecting is to use Jquery (and not Jquery mobile) to allow the automatically page load at connection ALSO for victims that connect to the fake AP from a LAPTOP.

I'll put, as an upload file sharing link, the Linset files I'm talking about, to allow you to study this operation.


Thank you.