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Thread: wifi problems with kali 2 intel 6200

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    wifi problems with kali 2 intel 6200

    Hi all,

    Just installed a fresh copy of kali 2 and did all the updates and such now im having internet issues through the wifi, web pages dont load or load super slow, ping times to google are around 500000ms same as to machines on my lan.

    Ran wireshark and noticed a few bad checksums here and there.

    Everything was working fine on previous version of kali.

    Wifi chipset is Intel advanced N 6200, anybody else having similar issues?

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    So just an update, when i initially connect to my wifi and run a ping i get consistent 16ms pings, the minute i run iceweasel and search for something the result comes back fairly quickly and the ping times begin to increase from this point on. 20000ms 40000ms 110000ms etc..

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    ok so it seems i have to disable n support for it to work properly, just add.

    options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1



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