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Thread: Can´t install Brother DCP-1610W printer. Please help me!

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    Can´t install Brother DCP-1610W printer. Please help me!

    Hello, I´m new in this forum, and i really hope i posted in the right place this time! (and if it´s not the right place, please let me know where to post)
    I managed to install Libre Office, but without being able to print it doesn´t help me almost nothing.
    I sat here for hours reading lots of things and trying out as well quite a lot.
    Often I thought I had it almost done, but in the end it turned out not do be doing the thing.
    The point is the delivered architecture of the files from the Brother site.
    It doesn´t seem to be working with my OS (Kali 2.0 64 bit).
    After losing my patience I came to the conclusion to ask in a forum for help, which I’m about to do right now.
    I read, before, that I could make a change to the downloaded files in the terminal. Or let the OS think that it has the right files so it will accept it.
    But I was unable to do so.
    Anyway the help i´d need from you folks would be a step by step help for beginners.
    Before I used Mint, Ubuntu Zorin and some other distros, and it was easier to me.
    But I want to go on and learn more with Linux distros.
    I also downloaded books and info material, but haven´t read a lot by now.
    The main reason I chose kali was the security. I´m writing two to three books and I hope it is a save OS to keep my work save.

    Once again please anyone give me a help to get the printer and scanner (Brother DCP-1610W) working (of course by USB not WIFI). It seems there are driver for the scanner 64bit, but not for the printer.
    Easy explanations step by step and with the terminal.

    Thank you already!
    And have a good day!



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    did you try to install those driver?
    from this page
    download your driver (deb file) and install it with
    sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

    that should be all
    install the driver.
    Turn on the printer and connect the usb, network or parallel cable.
    Go to the directory where the driver is.
    Install LPR driver.The install process may take some time. Please wait until it is complete.
    Command : dpkg -i --force-all (lpr-drivername)
    Check if the LPR driver is installed.
    Command : dpkg -l | grep Brother
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    I think so, duxim. If I remember well, that was the site of Brother and the drivers.
    I´m going to check to soon and retry to reinstall it!
    O guess I’m going to try so today. Just wanted to answer you still as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much for your answer! That means a lot to me!

    By the way, the person witch deleted that thread I posted in the first place, I have to thank as well big deal. That was out of any normality!


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    Dear duxim,
    Your post helped! Yes it did defiantly!
    Well, it was explained on the site anyway. Stupid me!
    It helps if someone (and I mean me) reads.
    But your description didn’t work.
    I did, what was explained on the site.
    And now it says that I can print. Bur nothing happens.
    But the OS says it is sending data to the printer and informs me that it got printed.?!?
    Anyway nothing comes out of the printer but it is recognized.
    If I can I send a screenshot or something like that.
    It is a bit strange.
    But I got closer to printing cheers!
    Now what you posted also appeared at the site. And it did not help- but I will try to do it after the accepted is so strange!
    I restarted the OS and the printer and changed USB slots. It sadly didn´t solve the issue.
    Made updates and upgrades and after that again an update. Didn´t do any changes.
    I still don´t know how to get the printer to print in Kali.
    As I mentioned earlier it works well with OS X and Windows.
    Really I hope the printer will be recognized by the system.
    But now after all I tried I hope to get I working!
    Maybe with your or another Forum Member!
    Thanks a lot anyway. Without your answer I still would be completely without nothing!!!

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    i am thinking that this problem is maybe in printer itself not in OS, but I can not guarantee.
    read their pdf manual. There is lot of things to do
    good luck!

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    thanks duxim,

    i will try.


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    Be sure you are downloading and installing right driver according to your windows version. More guide you can see over over here www html

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