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Thread: Nethunter 4.4.2 Bluboo x2

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    Nethunter 4.4.2 Bluboo x2


    I was originally going to buy a n900 and install nethunter on it but the deal went south. I am interested in learning how to code nethunter for the above Android OS.

    So how can I start is their a version I can download and "play with", not a been a programmer in years but it should all come back to me and I know it's not as easy as cut and paste. I use Kali in my current course of CEH certification but want the advantage of a phones mobility and general purposes (emails,texts,phone calls).

    I had a old Blackberry Q10 that died recently hence the need to change to a new cheaper phone (for now until I can afford a proper google nexus version). But being a disability pensioner funds are limited but my time isn't.

    So I appreicate a starting point and I have one other question other then the previous one, why did the guys say that it was only for google rather then android in general making it MORE accessable, because I read an article saying that " developer Mati Aharoni said that while NetHunter can be compiled to run on Android devices other than the Nexus family, “part of the reason we chose Nexus devices was because of the specific kernel sources we were able to get from Google."

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    Check the Building Nethunter subforum as this is more fitted for it.

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