I am playing around with Kali 2.0 64bit on a few Live USBs and am coming up with some errors when trying to update it.

When I try to install the updates it eventually tells me I have run out of space.

Using GParted and fiddling, I've realized that the default install sets the partitions at a certain size.

That would have been all fine and dandy if I could resize the partition to allow more space and then update and/or install more packages, but unfortunately not.

The install formats the partition as FAT16, which seems is limited to a certain size. So, let's try to bypass the default install and format and install the ISO using something like Universal USB Install (UUI) so I can have it formatted to FAT32, which should allow for a larger partition.

With UUI finished and attempting to boot to the new FAT32 USB of Kali 2.0 64bit it simply doesn't seem to be seen as having a bootable system on it and goes to the default OS on HDD, even when I try to force boot from BIOS to the USB it doesn't register.

So, I am looking to get help with increasing the size of the install partition, either pre- or post-install, so I can install at least updates, if not the Kali All Metapackage, which is my goal.

Thank you.