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Thread: [Fix] OnePlus One CM 12.1 update and no more reboot on external wifi disconnect

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    [Fix] OnePlus One CM 12.1 update and no more reboot on external wifi disconnect

    Hi all,

    Some of you may have had troubles upgrading the OnePlus one to CM 12.1 as per issue here:

    I provided a fresh build for the Github issue and it could use so more testers. If you are on the latest version of STOCK CM 12.1 on the OnePlus one then this is the image for you:

    This is not an official release but I've received two feedbacks from the github issue saying it working fine.

    Also, I believe I have fixed the wlan1 reboot on disconnect kernel oops. I will make a post if anyone is interested on what issue was and how it was fixed. Otherwise, there shouldn't be any major kernel issues anymore with OnePlus. The same fix will be applied to N7 2013.

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    ok so i downloaded this and flashed it to stock CM12.1 and it threw my opo into a bootloop. it seemed like a recovery loop while it was flashing then a boot loop. The recovery loop was the first time i saw anything like that. I have had with 2.0 since it was released, whether it be cm11s or cm12, the same issue on my Nexus720123g with 2.0. No update chroot ability, no apt command. I still havent found a reason why? before 2.0 everything worked on both my opo and tilapia

    Edit--- Well, it seems the zip file i downloaded here was either not the entire file or the wrong file. When i got 2.0.1 from the offensive sec page the file was considerably larger and when flashed, oh boy did it work. so far all tests of 2.0.1 running on cm12.1 are good and working and im a happy camper again. Thanks binky. now i need to get my tilapia working again.
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    I flashed the image to my opo with cm12.1 YOG4PAS1N0 rom yesterday and it working perfectly! interface wlan1 is also working without any problem!
    Thanks for binkybear and all the hardworking testers!!

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