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Thread: How can I revert to Kali 1.X (Last ersion of Kali1) ?

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    How can I revert to Kali 1.X (Last ersion of Kali1) ?

    I am having so many problems with Kali 2 ..

    Mainly with graphics cards, flashing cursor. Spent hours and hours. Done multiple reinstalls of Kali because the guides (ive tried a dozen) all end up with a ton of broken packages or missing dependicies.

    I did not have this issues with Kali 1.X last time I used it.

    I'm way to frustrated to look for another guide and end up reinstalling Kali 2 yet again.

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    I believe using the Kali 1.x source list, then apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade should work

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    Its not simple to downgrade to kali 1.x. Easiest & quickest way, fresh install of Kali 1.x.
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