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Thread: nethunter on Nexus 6P and Nexus 5x?

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    It is the build of Android Marshmallow itself. ALot of changes were made to it and files are in several different places now opposed to lollipop. Scoyok and myself are currently working on a project right now but we have successfully got nethunter installed on the nexus 6p on a custom rom rather than stock. We have some bugs to work out of it and will be posting some information about installing nethunter on the 6p in the future.

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    Any news since February? I'm itching to play with this on my 6p.

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    Nexus 6P

    After some trial and error I have gotten Nethunter running stable on my 6P all features funtioning correctly :-). This applies to Nexus 6P - version 6 - build number MTC20F. I have tried multiple times with the latest Android 7 nougat having no luck so far -

    order of operations is important - keep in mind as far as I know this is still an unsupported device

    Flash stock MTC20F - Android Version 6


    Boot device and confirm that 3.10.94+ root@kali #4 Fri Jan 8 is showing under kernel version

    Flash - this can be created using python -d shamu --nougat. I realize the 6P is angler with version 6, but I had google drive errors when flash angler with Marshmallow.

    After flashing above image on your device check the kernel version again. If its not showing the kernel above reflash it.

    Upgrade Nethunter and install chroot

    You should be good to go!!!!

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    I managed to install nethunter on my Nexus 5x (bullhead) with stock nougat (android 7)
    major pb is the new app permissions system...
    1_ make a backup of all important data
    2_ download and flash factory image from google >
    3_restart phone and complete the android setup wizard
    4_download and flash latest nethunter kernel for bullhead from
    5_ reboot (not sure this is really needed)
    6_ download and flash latest nethunter >
    7_ on a computer or with an app, extract all apk in data/app/ from
    8_ uninstall / reinstal all nethunter app (specially nethunterapp and terminal_nh)
    9_ launch nethunter and allow all permissions
    10_ reboot and start netunter app
    11_ use nethunter app to down and install kali chroot

    I will try to develop and refine the method ...

    (wifi monitor mode ok, some bugs with terminal emulator)
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    Kali NetHunter Is Available for Nexus 5x

    Not sure about nexus 6P, but the NetHunter has been ported for Nexus 5x and works like a charm. No bugs at all. Bugs with the terminal is also fixed, by installing the latest nh-terminal app from the GitHub. I followed a tutorial from here For WiFi I used TP Link TL-WN722N. Hope you find it useful.

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