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Thread: Apt-get upgrade takes very very long on persistent liveUSB

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    Question Apt-get upgrade takes very very long on persistent liveUSB


    so on the bigger archives with ~50MB it takes 5 h or more until the progress is done and the next archive is started.

    Can there be anything done to:

    1. Show the progress of the installment of that specific archive, so that I know that apt-get is still working?
    2. Can the process of updating be stopped and be resumed later? I stopped it once by shutting down Kali. Afterwards usb persistence mode wasnt working, so I had to set the USB stick up from scratch.
    3. What can be done to make the upgrade process faster?

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    will make this a short reply. i was using usb 2.0 tried upgrading Kali Live and stopped half way through logged on to Amazon bought a SANDISK 3.0 EXTREME 16gb. Got to say its fast, like im booting from a installed hardrive. No lags nothing its great.

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