Good Day,

I am new to the forums and pen-testing. I have recently installed Nethunter 2.0.1 on my OnePlus One and it took a few tries for this to work. I am not sure if this was done correctly. I initially tried to install Nethunter directly from TWRP which ended up with a stuck Oneplus logo at boot. I then downloaded and flashed CM12 on the phone which somehow included the Nethunter App. I then wiped and re-installed the Nethunter 2.0.1 image again using TWRP after which booted directly into Nethunter, desktop and all. However when I open the Nethunter App, the home screen in-app shows 1.0. I removed the app and reflashed the image and it was re-installed with the same 1.0 version. I proceeded to apt-get update and dist-upgrade. This completed successfully, the result is the same. Am I missing something here? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am unable to upload pictures for some reason showing the issue. Thanks.