Hi guys i recently bought a new laptop - Hp Elitebook 8470w.
It came with DOS and i always had Kali linux (some older version) with me in a bootable pendrive. i was able to install windows with the help of that live USB.
After setting up my windows. I tried installing the latest Kali, which is 2.0 Sana. I deleted the old version and when i tried to boot using Live USB, after the boot menu, and selecting any of the 4 Live USB boot options. i end up with a black screen. ALWAYS!
So I installed Kali , thinking maybe the live USB is bugged. I used the Graphical install which gave me grub errors, so i reformated the partition and installed using the text install.
It worked but i got the same black screen after the GRUB menu.
Its like the screen turns off completely. I dont even see any backlight. The only way i am able to run Kali is using "nomodeset".
Any help towards fixing this issues would be greately appreciated.

Graphics Card : Amd Firepro M2000